About us

Corporate philosophy

We strive to be a company name trusted by all by innovating and constantly
providing new value.


Management policy

1. To continuously improve upon and create new technology to better society
through our business.
2. To be constantly of our social responsibility and contribute to
furthering our community and environment for all.
3. To be a company that grows with society advancing an information society
through technological endeavours.



Company name

Nihon Axis Co., Ltd. 



<Head office / business headquarters>
〒312 – 0053
Sotono 2-13-8 Hitachinaka Ibaraki JAPAN 
TEL +8129-274-4492 FAX +8129-274-4145

URL: https: //www.n-axis.co.jp/en

<Tsukuba Branch Office>
Oho 1-1 Tsukuba city Ibaraki JAPAN
KEK COIbuilding Cooperating company room2

<Tokai Office>
Shirakata 162-1 Tokai Naka-gun Ibaraki JAPAN
Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center A 407



July 3rd 1992



20 million yen


Number of employees

78 people



President Daishiro Muto


Registration / authorization

Construction Industry Permit (General-11) No. 28515
Worker dispatching business special 08-01-0102


Corporate history

Jul 1992 Established Japan Axis Co., Ltd.
Apr 2000 Notification of specified temporary staffing business, start dispatch business
Apr 2000 Prefectural governor permission · General construction business registration
Apr 2000 IT Department System Solutions Department launched
Jul 2002 10th anniversary of establishment
Sep 2003 Newly built building. Headquarters and business headquarters moved
Apr 2005 Joint research with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (until FY 2009)
Dec 2005 Proposal by the NEDO Technical Development Organization Adopted as a publicly offered type lead research consignment project
May 2011 Establish Tokai Office in Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center
Jul 2012 20th anniversary of establishment
Jul 2017 25th anniversary of establishment
Sep 2017 Issuance of private placement bonds
Dec 2017 Capital increased to 20 million yen
Dec 2017 Commenced collaboration with the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization