We will provide engineering services from investigation, planning, design to maintenance and maintenance, making full use of our know-how accumulated over many years of technology development and experience.We will make use of rich imagination and flexibility to respond to diverse needs.

Maintenance Service


Accelerator and Beamline operation / maintenance / management / construction support research facility and nuclear facilities operation / maintenance / control Nuclear facility / RI handling facility inspection / radiation management / precision electromagnet precision installation / inspection / inspection of magnetic field measurement equipment And repair.

We offer one stop service to investigation, planning and maintenance.

Design · Production · Development

Design, manufacture, and advancement of nuclear equipment and special equipment for research
Development and production of vacuum chamber
Development and production of shields
Various test equipment / related equipment / jig etc.

Development of ultra-thin vacuum chamber


To respond to the penetration performance improvement needs of a neutron line in the field of research and development for which neutron diffraction method was used, it’s vacuum sample sou, it becomes thinner, securement of the strong performance of the involved sample sou body is a problem.
I’m aiming at the development of “it becomes sheerer, vacuum sample sou” which plans for safety and permeability improvement by effective reinforcement based on intensity analysis.

Design by 3D-CAD and tectonic analysis

The statistics and the consideration simulation which used 3D-CAD using our know-how are being performed by the making by which it’s for research capability.[br-xs]
I’ll consider the material and the shape and offer you the best suggestion based on the structure analysis result which is bend and be transformed wearily and for twist.[br-xs]


Laser tracker (three-dimensional measurement and alignment)

The territory which are compactness and wide range is gauged with high precision, I’ll use a possible three-dimensional system “Leica laser tracker AT402” and offer you three-dimensional measurement service of large equipment and a product. I’ll be also prepared for electron accelerators and respond to customer’s various needs.