Privacy policy

There is no need to provide personal information when visiting and browsing our website. However, we may register personal information at the time of inquiring about various projects posted on our website, when applying for our company recruitment, etc.

In addition, when you visit our website again, we will send you data called cookie (customer’s cookie) to identify your computer and record it on the hard disk so that you can browse it more conveniently You must to do something before you go on. Cookie does not identify you personally. You can refuse to accept the data by setting of the Internet browsing software (browser), but please be aware that this may prevent you from using the website properly.

1. About acquisition of personal information · We are aiming at securing opportunities for employment within the range of purpose of use shown at the time of acquisition and employment opportunities according to the wishes of the individual, and for proper employment during employment We will acquire it for the purpose of carrying out management. · We will acquire personal information in a proper way.

2. About the use of personal information · We will use it to provide better quality services that customers will be pleased with, and in that they will be used to inquire of customers. · We will use personal information within the range of purpose of use indicated at the time of acquisition and to ensure employment opportunities according to the needs of the principal, as far as necessary for carrying out business. · In the case of sharing personal information with a third party or entrusting handling of personal information to a third party, after conducting a strict investigation on the third party and keeping it confidential , We will conduct proper supervision.

3. About third-party provision of personal information · We will not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining their consent beforehand, except as provided by laws and regulations.

Four. About the management of personal information · We keep the accuracy of personal information and manage it securely. – We will take appropriate measures such as improving internal management system to prevent or avoid unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, falsification and leakage etc. · We will not disclose personal information by sending it to the outside etc.

Five. Changes to the privacy policy · We may change this privacy policy. When you change the privacy policy, it will not affect the customer’s information before change. (Changes to all privacy policies will be reflected in this Privacy Policy.)

6. Organization · Structure · We will provide employees with education on the protection and proper management of personal information on a timely basis and thoroughly handling personal information in daily work. We will comply with laws and other norms concerning personal information protection.

Inquiries concerning the handling of personal information

Nihon Axis Co.,Ltd. Individual Information Protection Office